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Spring Gallery


M+R | March 27

A French twist on our traditional log setting.

K+N | May 12

Classically beautiful with peach roses and gold accents.

H+R | April 27

Soft spring shades of minty green and rose gold with wood accents.

K+A | 21 April

A blue that mimics the spring sky, feminine pinks and lacy whites.

J+B | 23 April

A fearless floral pattern, dramatic warm lighting and a custom crest that we used anywhere and everywhere.

A+S | March 24

Sapphire blue so brilliant, it's difficult to consider another color in the lodge.

A+Z | May 26

A warm Saturday brunch with mini-donuts, soft pastels and cool champagne linens.

J+B | April 28

A combination in textures: the rusticity of linen, softness of chiffon and crisp-edge of scalloped parchment.

L+E | May 25

An artful mix of mirrors and flowers with gilded candles for a timeless aesthetic

A+I | May 21

It helps when the weather is perfect. And if you can't tell from the photos, it was.

A+J | May 7

Bohemian, but ever so elegant. Late spring florals set against neutral gray and woodgrain.


Summer Gallery
M+N | June 2

Quintessential Summer reception: diamond white, magnolia leaves and gilded votives.

J+M | June 10

When a client installs a tree on the head table, it's a can't-miss reception.

D+T | June 10

When the sun sets, and the breeze off the water begins, a colorful, lakeside reception on is in order.

K+A | June 17

A cool California vibe with vintage chandeliers, farm tables and white flowers galore.

A+B | June 3

A ceiling covered in lights, a cocktail party of monumental proportions and forsythia tree centerpieces.

S+S | June 16

When a client embraces color, we're on board! Peach and pink and yellow and green and white and orange - visual dessert!

M+R | June 4

Nautical stripes with a modern twist for this navy and white reception.

M+C | August 1

A reception infused with garden-party color and delicate details.


Fall Gallery
J+J | October 6

Sometimes a party is remembered for it's beauty and occassionally for it's jaw-dropping drama. This one is both.

S+A | September 14

Not quite fall, but certainly not summer- this mix of copper and magnolia proves to traverse all seasons.

M+W | October 15

Luxurious cranberry red roses and rich greenery of italian ruscus and lemon leaf intermixed with metal elements and carved wood.

C+J | October 12

A spring take on a fall reception. Who says jewel-tones must rule the cool weather? This brunch was an autumnal fugitive!

J+C | October 18

Natural elements abound  in this nature-inspired reception.

K+C | November 17

For this Aspen-loving couple, a glamorous woodland reception was called for.

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J+M | October 29

Visually stunning and aromatic thanks to bay laurel and pine - but all guests got a jar of Sunday gravy. Truly memorable sauce, that is.

J+E | October 10

Shades of yellow with gold sequins, sunflowers and marigolds for this rain-filled October wedding and reception.

J+M | November 7

A black and white fête in the fall, with sophisticated details and custom monogram throughout.

L+B | October 7

A simple color palette that allows the lighting and architecture to shine.

N+N | November 11

Before buffalo-check was en-vogue, we had these linens custom-printed for our client.

J+N | November 14

Jewel-toned floral, deer antlers, moss and a mixed metal aesthetic created an elegant Adirondack-style reception.

R+T | September 10

Deep eggplant purple flowers set against bright white lace linens under chandelier light.

E+D | September 28

Fall florals set against crisp white, ideal September weather with a perfectly placid lake.

C+L | September 24

An electric silver linen topped with ombre roses of pinks and whites. This design was far ahead of it's time.

Winter and Christmas

Winter and Christmas Gallery
C+E | January 7

Winter whites mixed with greenery, golds, silver and ivory on this snowy January Saturday.

K+N | January 10

Cool colors to match the cool season: silvery satin, white hydrangea, daisies and antler stag sheds.

M+B | December 8

The luxe texture of velvet mixed with aromatic pine and Christmas reds.

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L+S | December 27

Quintessentially Christmas with modern accents of blue spruce trees, red anemones and glass candlesticks.

P+T | November 25

A bright mix of traditional Christmas and bright fuchsia - that somehow works flawlessly. 

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